Screen-casts in my youtube channel

Some time ago I got to know khan academy, which was awarded a Google prize for its innovation. This is a story of a guy that starts to tutor hes cousins through web conferencing, however it was difficult to set up a time where they could all be on-line at the same time, so Mr. Khan decided he would make some screen-casts and put them on Youtube, so hes cousins could get the tutoring whenever they had the time. From there to more than 3000 screen-casts was a small step. He now has screen-casts that can tutor you throughout high-school, and maybe some University subjects, in a great number of subjects, mostly mathematics but also physics, history, biology and a lot more, all tutored by himself.

Now days, hes project even has an on-line software to monitor students progress with exercises, which tells the students when they are ready to move forward to the next screen-cast and warns teachers when a student is falling back. All and all, its a awesome project!

After that I also found the new boston, which has a lot of computer science screen-casts, but many more subjects also.

However, everything is in English (I was teaching in Portugal), and they don’t have quite what I needed for my students, so I started making my own screen-casts to use with my students and for everyone else who wants to use them. Of course, I don’t have the ambition of creating as many screen-casts as they do, nor with the same quality, but it’s a small contribution.

Check out my own Youtube channel !

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