How to make screen-casts

In some of my classes I asked my students to author some screen-casts and upload them to Youtube, so they could show me that they could install and work with Linux. So I ended up creating some screen-casts teaching how to create screen-casts!  I teach how to do it in Linux with the following open source software:

  • Virtual box – to have an isolated sandbox
  • recordmydesktop – to record my desktop and my explanations
  • Pitivi – to edit the video files

I teach how to set up recordmydesktop options, use pitivi to edit the videos, set pitivi options to get an HD video ready for Youtube upload.

I use a desktop do create the screen-casts, and I always get that background sound (BZZZZZZZZ) that seems like a refrigerator, so I also have a second video teaching how to clean up the sound using:

  • Audacity – to clean the sound
  • Pitivi – to remaster the video

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