“Expecting professionalism” by Robert C. Martin

“The reasonable expectations of your new CEO”

There is software everywhere! And it must be work! It must not fail! People depend on it!

A list of CTO expectations:

  • We shall not ship crap!
  • We will always be ready!
    • Currently the ideal iteration time is set between 1 and 2 weeks. But we have been shrinking it. Now days its more close to between 3 days and 2 weeks, and nothing bad happens. Some good things happen because the feedback cicle is tighter, so there is more control over the project. Some guy in Norway is even trying 1 day iterations!!
    • At the end of every iteration we are ready to deploy!
  • Stable productivity:
    • We must be able to keep the code easy to maintain and develop further;
  • Continuous improvement:
    • We must continuously improve the code, following the boyscout rule;
  • Inexpensive adaptability:
    • Software must be easy to change;
    • We must accept changes in requirements;
  • Fearless competence:
    • We must not be afraid of modifying and improving the code;
    • We must have tests we trust, so we have no fear of changing code;
  • Extreme quality:
    • We must not allow a sloppy or careless attitude;
  • QA will find nothing:
    • We must demand of ourselves that the software reaches QA perfect;
  • Nothing is fragile:
    • Making a change will not break something completely unrelated;
  • We cover for each other:
    • We are a team, if a member can not be there, a colleague must be able to take charge;
    • A developer can not be working isolated, he must work together with colleagues. Do pair programming;
  • Honest estimates:
    • We must be honest about the exequibility of our estimates
    • If it can’t be done in the expected timeframe we must say so. And we must not cave in when under pressure;
    • We can use a 3 possibilities frame:
      • 1 – Estimate if everything goes perfect;
      • 2 – Estimate if things go OK;
      • 3 – Estimate if everything goes wrong;
    • We must be able to say NO!
  • Continuous aggressive learning:
    • Our industry evolves super fast, we must keep up;
    • We must read books, go to conferences, read articles, experiment;
    • The employer is not responsible for our learning nor our career;
  • Mentoring:
    • People coming out of school are not properly trained;
    • The more senior people must teach the younger ones;

The Reasonable Expectations of your new CTO. from Robert C. Martin.


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