Symfony bug: ‘dependency on a non-existent service “swiftmailer.transport.real”‘

It seems there’s a bug in Symfony, when updating to Monolog Bundle 2.5.0 that causes this if you do not have the ‘spool’ config value set under the swiftmailer configuration.

I don’t know what to set in the spool config so that it doesn’t spool the emails, I don’t even know if this is possible at all. The way I do it is not set it.

However, now there’s this bug! Fortunately the way out is simple, we just have to add the services manually in one of our services files, as:

    class: Swift_Transport_SimpleMailInvoker

    class: Swift_Events_SimpleEventDispatcher

    class: Swift_Transport_MailTransport
    arguments: [@swiftmailer.transport.simplemailinvoker, @swiftmailer.transport.eventdispatcher]

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