Creating relationships between entities with Symfony2, Doctrine and yml

So I’m starting a new project now, I’ve set up the logger, I’ve set up the mailing, and now it’s time I start to set up the model layer with Doctrine. In Symfony2 you can choose to have the configuration of this layer in xml files, yml files or as annotations directly in the entities classes. Personaly I find xml files too verbose, and annotations put logic in the entities which makes them less readable and if we want to change ORM we will have Doctrine configurations in entities that do not deal with Doctrine, so I prefer to have the configurations in yml files. Symfony has some documentation on how to set this up, but its not complete, as far as I can remember it only has documentation about one to many relationships, but in real life situations we rarely find only those types of relationships in a DB schema, so here I will document how to configure one to one, one to many, many to many and many to many to many relationships.

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