Folding Menu

It’s vertical accordion menu I created in 2007.

Actually, I remastered the original Joomla menu module and made it an accordion menu adding some JavaScript.

I didn’t use any JavaScript framework like JQuery, so the movement is not fluid, but its practical and that is what was needed at the time.

You can see it working here, and you can get it here.

Img Shortcuts

A module to show images with links (shortcuts) in the sidebars.

Images have the same size in an instance of the module, but each instance can have different sizes. The only draw back is that it doesn’t have an upload widget for the images, so before using an image you have to upload it to the server using as FTP client or similar solution.

You can see it working here, and you can get it here.

Check out the pictures below.

Img shortcuts
Embeded in a webpage


Small Quotes

Just a simple module to show a random quote. I created this in 2007.

In the back-end you write a list of quotes in the format of “quote|author”, each quote in a different line.

In the front-end it shows a random quote each time the page loads.

You can see it working here, and you can get it here.

Check out the pictures below.

Quote block
Quote block

Quote block in a web page
Quote block in a web page


Web development with PHP

A PHP tutorial. I advice the visualization of all videos because along the playlist I make some “mistakes” on purpose, that later they become “problems” and need to be fixed. This way I can show why we should do it this or that way. Until now I’ve only created series nbr 7, explaining how to use PHP to connect to a database using PDO and how to structure an application using the MVC design pattern.

You can download the source code here.

  • Web Dev: 01 – PHP
    • Creating the database
    • Creating the SVN repository and the project in Eclipse
    • Connecting to the database
    • Using SELECT
    • Using INSERT
    • What is the MVC design pattern and how to use it
    • Using UPDATE
    • Using DELETE
    • Using prepared statements
    • Using transactions
    • Wraping up the project with CSS and DIVs

Web development environment

Here I teach how to set up a web development environment for PHP, using UBUNTU + XAMPP + Eclipse + XDebug + Phing + PHPDoc + SVN. It’s still missing PHPUnit, but some day I will do it.

You can download the used files from here (httpd.conf, php.ini, build.xml …).

  • Web Dev: 00 – Ambiente de desenvolvimento
    • XAMPP – install, configure and testing xampp in Ubuntu, with Xdebug
    • Eclipse – install and configure with Xdebug
    • Phing – Install, configure and create a build.xml file
    • PHPDocumentor – Install, configure, test and encoding correction
    • SVN (Subversion) – install, configure and usability

Category based portfolio

Another one of my WordPress plugins.

This one creates a portfolio of images and/or videos, with different categories.

A portfolio entry is nothing more than a post with a bunch of images and/or youtube videos thrown into it. This post belongs to some category, which identifies the portfolio it belongs to.

Included in this plugin, there is a widget that shows the newest additions to the portfolio.

Once you load a portfolio, it will start loading all the other portfolios in the background using AJAX. This way the first page loads as fast as possible, and when you visit another portfolio it will be instantaneous because it will be already loaded. If it was not designed this way, it would take a long time to visit all portfolios because it would have to load the page every time and the images are usualy quite heavy.

You can check it working here, and see some pictures below.

Random quotes

This was my first WordPress plugin. Its just a tiny plugin to show some text (quote) somewhere in a post or page.

You just have to install it, activate it, edit the post or page where u want the quote to appear and put [ rdm-quote ] where ever you want.

In the backoffice, in “settings”>”random quote” you can insert the quotes in the format “quote|author”, there’s a lot of examples so you shouldn’t have a problem.

Also, the CSS is also editable through the WordPress back office.

Here’s how it works, every time you reload this page, it will show a different quote:



Some day, when I’m bored, I will eventually add some option to cycle through quotes automatically.

You can download it here.