Web development environment

Here I teach how to set up a web development environment for PHP, using UBUNTU + XAMPP + Eclipse + XDebug + Phing + PHPDoc + SVN. It’s still missing PHPUnit, but some day I will do it.

You can download the used files from here (httpd.conf, php.ini, build.xml …).

  • Web Dev: 00 – Ambiente de desenvolvimento
    • XAMPP – install, configure and testing xampp in Ubuntu, with Xdebug
    • Eclipse – install and configure with Xdebug
    • Phing – Install, configure and create a build.xml file
    • PHPDocumentor – Install, configure, test and encoding correction
    • SVN (Subversion) – install, configure and usability

Linux basics screen-casts

I’ve prepared a playlist about Linux basics covering:

  • Linux: 00 – Instalação, Configuração e Software
    • Virtual Box configuration
    • Installing Ubuntu
    • Virtual Box snapshots
    • First login
    • System set up
    • Installing software using shell
    • Installing software using Ubuntu Software Center
    • Installing software using Synaptic
    • Installing software using a DEB file
    • Installing software using apt-get
    • Installing software using make (compiling from source)
    • Installing, seting up and using WINE (Windows emulator)
    • Installing and using Compiz
    • Installing and using Emerald
    • How to reinstall Ubuntu