Herberto Miguel Agostinho Graça

Born in Lisbon, October 8, he lived there until he was 6, when he went back to his home city Tavira.

He started coding in his first year of the University, around 1995. During the 4th year of his University degree he works as a JAVA developer at Turkcell (Istanbul, Turkey), during a year, as an AIESEC trainee.

In the last year at the University he worked as a Teacher intern at Escola Secundária de Pinheiro e Rosa, in Faro, finishing his internship with a score of 18/20.

Graduated as a Licentiate in Computer Sciences in 2004 (5 years degree, currently equivalent to a Bachelor in IT plus a Specialization in Teaching), at Universidade do Algarve, with a final score of 15/20.

Finished a Masters degree in School Leadership and Management at Universidade de Évora with a final grade of “Very Good” (4/5).

Since he finished his Licentiature he worked for several schools and private companies as an IT teacher, teaching a wide range of themes as Web Development, ICT, Networks, Hardware, Operative Systems or E-learning. He has also worked as IT Course Manager, IT Projects Supervisor, IT Trainees Supervisor and IT Teacher Interns supervisor.

While all this, he has developed and delivered curricula, created course materials, including detailed manual on JAVA and YouTube instruction videos. He has managed course administration and documentation, evaluated student trainees and teacher intern performance, managed relationships with local companies to provide students with career development opportunities and supervised student project development.

This was all very nice until he realized he didn’t want to be a teacher any more! The teaching was fine, but at some point he realised that the education politics being applied promoted the stupidification of masses, and felt it didn’t make sense to be part of it so he quitted his job as a teacher.

Keep the masses in ignorance for an uneducated mass is a controllable mass.

Ecclesiastes 1:18
(although I quote the bible, I am completely agnostic)

In 2012 he decides he needs a career change, so the first thing he does is get some international certification on his knowledge:

He then quitted his position as a teacher and started a career as a full time software developer, in July 2012, in Amsterdam.

He has worked with Zend1, Symphony2, Silex, custom frameworks  and is currently working as a Senior Back-end Developer at the most awesome company ever!